5th European Velomobile Seminar
in Germersheim / Germany

Friday, 23.4.2004

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1st  Announcement - Call  for Papers

5th European Velomobile Seminar

Fri, 23.  April 2004

Towards Commercial Velomobiles


Since its launch this seminar has been held many times showing advancements and prospects in velomobile technology. The main subject of the recent seminars were design, safety, transport and assisted velomobiles.

This  next seminars main topic is will bring the subject
Towards  Commercial Velomobiles”. into focus.

Velomobiles attract more and more attention due to the advantages like reduced  aerodynamically drag, rain protection, comfort and security.

Even though there are suchUnless these striking arguments, the production rate of velomobiles is still very low.  The seminar’s main goal is to identify means how velomobiles could be improved in both technical and utility manner. Suitable constructed and produced velomobiles could fill the gap between cars and bicycles in future traffic.



For As an example, the contributions could be to the one of the following topics:

-       Production aspects of  commercial velomobiles

-       Criteria for new everyday velomobiles

-       Design of velomobiles


The papers presented at the seminar will be published on CD Romin a proceedings volume which will be available at the seminar. The main language  of the proceedings is English, German contributions will also be accepted. Detailed instructions for the authors will be available at the seminar web site.

Key Dates and Deadlines:

Submission of Abstracts


Notice to Authors

December 2003

Submission of Manuscripts in electronic form:


Call for Papers

The organisers invite prospective authors to submit an abstract relating to the adjacent topics. Abstracts should not  exceed 300 words in length and should be submitted in digital format. Along  with the submission of the abstract, authors are kindly askedpleased to register.



The  seminar will take place at the University of Germersheim the day before the  “SPEZI 2004” trade fair. The SPEZI trade fair may be visited the days  after the seminar. Germersheim is located in the Rhine valley between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. (SPEZI 2004)


Jürgen Eick, Rüsselsheim, Germany
Joachim Fuchs, Pfinztal/Karlsruhe, Germany
Andreas Fuchs, Berne, Switzerland

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